January 25th, 2006


We Built This City...

Ok, now here's an idea... it's accomodation crisis talk time again, kids!:

Why don't we just get a hall? Apparently (according to Amy), if you have enough people, Brunel will let you choose your rooms so you can be together. We have a lot of people, so we could probably fill an entire hall... If I get enough time, I'll ask them about this later on.

Here's the good bit:

If we could persuade them, they might let us turn one of the kitchens into a common room, and put the fridge and freezer in the other kitchen. Then we'd have somewhere to put a TV, etc... We wouldn't want to do that if anyone could get in, though, so really we'd want our floor to have locks on the end doors. They might do this if we paid them, so it's a though...

Rent is £70 a week for a normal room, £65 a week for a shared room, so I'm told... I will check this.

The walk to Uni is about 20 mins, or there's a bus every half an hour. Bus passes are from RHUL, and cost £5 a week, paid for in one go. Internet access is free.

So then...how many people do we have? Let's think:


10.James (hardly know him)

11.goodsarah? (met her a couple of times)
12.pudding_dragon? (Who is she, anyway)


I counted doors this morning, and my hall has room for 17 people. One of the rooms is a double (Viv & Nick, if Brunel allow it), and another room has a built in kitchen... It's on the ground floor, though, so it's no good - I refuse to be on the ground floor again! I want to leave Cat running all day long without fear of someone breaking in. I also want to be able to open my window without the same fears!

So how about it?

I'll go and get some more information from Brunel later, if I can... This could be the ideal solution to everything!


Good Afternoon.

And now for the main feature...

Ok, so I've done today's accomodation spotlight.

Now for the bit about what I've been up to:

Today was a 9:00 start. I don't like them, but it's not so bad, I guess... Two lectures, then a one hour break, followed by Professional Issues, in which we learnt about the IEE.

First, the IEE. It's a professional body, and I just signed up to be a student member. £30 for four years, and a free Polo Shirt for signing up then and there. On top of that, I've volunteered to be the IEE's Student Ambassader (sp?). It doesn't involve much, but it's something to say I've done, right? ^_^.

Secondly, the break. I went to see Viv, who was still having breakfast. We sat and chatted for a bit, then she showed me Founder's Library. I'd never been before, but I wish I had. It's awesome!

That's all.

I have to be off, as I need to go the launderette and speak to Brunel....

Good Afternoon.