January 24th, 2006


Sillyness with biscuits...

Well, yesterday was fun... I had lectures, I had two hour gaps, I had an hour with Viv, I had singing. After singing I crashed in the lab for a bit, then went to meet Viv after work. Guess who I found in the Spar shop? Elle & Holly! So we all went back to Holly's room to chat until late. T'was very fun, though we didn't talk much about accomodation, despite that being our reason to go there ^_^.

Holly gave me biscuits. I then nearly fell asleep on Viv.

Everyone talked and I tried to understand what was going on. Failed miserably.

Then I went home and really went to sleep.

1:30 is still too late for me, so I really must try harder, right? Early to bed tonight, as a 9:00 start tomorrow.

Lecture time ^_^.

Good Morning.

FMA - The 'M' is for Marathon...

Ok, so you planted an idea in my head, Elle, and it doesn't want to leave... 17 hours, you say? I'm thinking we should do this...

Stage 1: Pick a weekend, any weekend...
If I did my shopping on Friday afternoon, I'd be free. Everyone gets ahead with work. We get together at about 5.00 pm on Friday and eat.

Session 1:
Friday, 6.00 pm to 1.30 am (Saturday morning), 7.5 hours total.
9.5 hours remaining.


Session 2:
Saturday, 11.00 am to 4.30 pm, 5.5 hours total.
4 hours remaining.

Walk Viv to work.

Chat, eat, whatever!

Collect Viv at 9.00 pm.

Session 3:
Saturday, 9.30 pm to 1.30 am (Sunday morning), 4 hours total.
0 hours remaining.


Sunday morning (but later on):
Get up, eat, go home.
Historical Reenactment from 3.00 to 5.00.

Obviously, there'll have to be breaks for things like eating and going to the toilet, but overall, I think that this could work...

Only thing is I don't know if/when Nick works at the weekends...

Well, I think we should do this! Anyone else up for it? And any ideas as for when? This weekend? Later in the term?

Let me know what you think (intellegent replies only, please. Yes, I am talking to you, Amy...)

Good Afternoon.