January 23rd, 2006


Now you can see why we really adore him...

Hey there!

It's been a while since I last updated, no? I've been rather busy this week, as some of you know...

Work wise, it's been fine. We're carring on with Java this term, not starting C++ as I heard... Some people easily get the wrong ideas, I guess... then they confuse me :/

I'm the lab at the moment. It's officially called the Tolanksy lab, but I think that we should shorted that to Tehlabsky. *grins*

Want to know about my *party* on Friday night? Not that it was really a party, but even so... ;) It went quite well, all in all... I met up with Viv on Friday afternoon to go into town, then we went back to mine to get things ready. Amy was already home, and Nick got the shortly afterwards. We washed up and made space in my room for the six people who were going to be there... Then we waited for Elle and Holly. And we waited. And they got lost. *laughs* I should really stop telling people that it's easy to get to Brunel even if you've never been there before... But they got there in the end, and that's what mattered. Also, they brought Helen with them. This came as quite a surprise. And so my plan to get next years potential housemates together was somewhat sunk. Oh well. Elle had been having a really rotten day, so I'm not complaining. There was still enough pizza to go around, so that was fine :)

And then, after eating, we watched Howl's Moving Castle. *coughs* It was really good :D

Then we sat around chatting, or falling asleep on Holly in Amy's case. Finally, everyone went home, except Me, Amy & Viv. Me because the party was in my room, Amy because she lives just upstairs from me and Viv because she slept over ^_^.

Saturday: Pretty darn good. Me and Viv watched Full Metal Alchemist for quite a while, then I went shopping and she went to work. She was planning on sleeping in her room in Founder's Hall on the main campus that night, but things didn't work out how they should have done...
After work she came back to mine for tea (which I cooked! I cooked!!! :D). She wasn't feeling so good, though, so wasn't up to walking home. So she stayed another night, and felt way better in the morning.

Sunday: Not bad. Walked Viv home and got free hot chocolate from Founder's Dining Hall. Walked back home. Had dinner (late). Walked to Historical Reenactment (Fighting). It had been cancelled, so I was redirected to the pub. The pub was closed, so everyone had gone home except Viv, Amy & Tim. Tim was telling Amy about Vampire LARPing, Viv was listening in... I walked Viv to work, then went back home. So much for Sunday ^_^.

And now I must be off, as I need to buy some stuffs :D

Farewell, people :)

Good Day.


Things are starting to look confusing to me...

Maybe we should get everyone together somewhere are put ourselves into small groups who want to live together? I know who I want to live with more than anyone else, and if we all know where our priorities are then we can come up with a solution...

Good Day.