January 15th, 2006


It's gotta be you, the look in your eyes, the feel of your body close to me...

Ok, so that was a pretty good day, all in all ^_^

Got up early to meet Viv & Nick at the station, but the bus wasn't running that early so I had to walk. I was a little bit late, but no worries :D

Carried stuff up the hill. Hung out. Went back to mine to eat. Nearly fell asleep.

Viv came round later. We sat around and chatted (and nearly fell asleep). Amy got back. Hung around with Amy. Walked Viv back to Founders.

Said goodnight.

Walked back to Brunel.

Had tea with Amy, who is now my unoffical little sister. Viv's also. Chatted. Washed up. Got ready for tomorrow.

Went on LJ....

Seriously, it's lovely to see everyone again :) Tomorrow I get to see my Computer Science friends, and then I'll be happy :) Not that I'm not happy anyway, because I am, in fact, ecstatic, but I'm not telling you why.

Sunday promised much, and it totally pulled through :)

Thank you, Sunday *huggles Sunday*