January 14th, 2006


On the Eve of Something New

A special Announcement for Amy (gmplatypus), Martin/Elle (llieno), Holly (i_am_holly_rose) and Viv (alatier), though actually Viv already knows about it ^^.

Absolutly Not A Pizza Party!
(Because Brunel doesn't allow parties ^^)

But would any of you guys be interested in coming round my place on Friday evening to watch anime and eat pizza? Also, Nick (Viv's brother) should be there as well. If you would happen to be either Holly or Elle, then this would be an ideal chance to get to know Nick & Viv a bit better ^^. After all, four people in a house is one thing, but six would be better, right? And there would just happen to be six people there, four of whom had already decided to live together and two who, if my information is correct, currently are looking for more housemates... Interested?

Of course, even if you're not, you can still come along ;)

All planning can be dealt with after anime on Thursday ;)

As for what we could watch, well...there's quite a choice ^^.

How about, maybe:
Spirited Away?
Or Howl's Moving Castle *coughs* Not-that-I-have-that-at-all... *coughs*
Or Kikki's Delivery Service, which Viv has.
And Nick has Princess Monokoke (only spelt correctly - I'm tired...)
And I have Star Wars! (Not anime, but it's Star Wars!)

Plus my hard drive full of other anime...whatever, really ^^.

I was thinking I'd get 2 or 3 Tesco Value 12" pizzas, and I think I still have some garlic bread...and I must get some more garlic sauce/dip ^^. If you don't like garlic, though, don't be discouraged ;)


And an appology to those on my friends list who aren't invited...it really is intended to see if we'd all fit nicely in a house ^^. Another time, if you're interested, you'd be welcome to join us :)


So yeah, I'm back in Egham. Everything went smoothly, and here I am. *nods* Yup ^^.

I have no plans for tomorrow besides getting my new bus pass and doing my shopping, so that should be good :)

And Sunday, oh long promised Sunday, how you slowly crawl towards me at a pace worthy of a snail... I've been waiting for you far too long, it seems... And know that you're nearly here, I'm getting even more nervous about you...

Don't ask....or at least, don't expect a full answer until after Sunday rolls by and brings with it something new...

Well, that's all for now, kids :)


P.S. Emma, you are NOT invited to come over for pizza & anime any time soon because you live in Canada. Someday, though... That's all ;)
Teasing Naru

Fire! You're gonna burn!

Well, we just had a fire alarm! How spiffing... We were standing around outside in the freezing cold for about 10 minutes or so.... Finally the alarm stopped, and we went back in. We saw a couple of firemen coming down the other stairs at the far end of the building...

I waited at my door to ask the porter as he walked by, "Was there a real fire?"

He leant towards me and confided "Somebody upstairs had been smoking pot. You could smell it throughout the corridor. He tried to hide it by setting light to some paper, and instead set off the fire alarm outside his door."

"He's in trouble now, we've got his room number."

Yeah, and he had a couple of firemen crash his pot-party...

I went back into my room and laughed and laughed and laughed....