January 9th, 2006



Good day to you one and all,

For anime fans, and in particular, fans of Mai-HiME, I present the next four episodes of the Mai-HiME Specials, episodes 13 to 16:

It's a link? It's a link!

They're in a zip file of about 60 Mb... The link will be good for 7 days or 25 downloads, whichever comes soonest. If you find yourself lacking any of the previous episodes, do let me know - I can provide :)

I do hope you enjoy them, but I feel I should give a little warning - you might well find yourself in tears after episodes 14 & 15... Consider yourselves warned! :)

So then...what else have I been up to recently, apart from downloading anime? Well, I've been putting off my essay ^_^. Today, however, I'm going to make a proper start on it - I've read about the subject, I've got a few ideas, and I've found that the main body of the report should be about as long as three e-mails. Suddenly, 1400 words seems a lot less... :D

Still no sign of my Marshall MS-4 Miniamp... Seemingly, GAK forgot to put it in the packet, or something... I called them on Friday, and the guy I spoke to promised to get back to me in a few minutes once he'd solved it... He never did, so I have to call them again in a few minutes... Grrr.... If I don't get that amp before Friday morning, I'm going to be going off to Uni without it, which I didn't want to do :/ Oh well...

Seriously, guys, Mechcommander 2 rocks. No kidding. MC1 is awesome, but MC2 has really gone beyond awesome! For a game with only 24 missions, it sure does rock. Claire wants us to replay MC1 after we've finished MC2...it'll be so weird to not have a movable 3D camera again, though... I'm planning on bringing Total Annihilation back with me to Uni, but only as a copy - our original disks are too precious to risk ^^. Maybe this term, I'll focus on gaming and getting to bed early a bit more ^^. It sure would be quite nice to try out the TA campaigns, but I'm not so sure about playing it on my own... I know that I can do it alone, but gaming has always been more of a social activity for me... Me and Claire have gamed together for years, since we first had our Amstrad CPC 464, really... Ah, if only Claire had access to a better machine than her poor little laptop, Emily... Then we'd play Guild Wars. A lot. Hopefully, the parents will go away on holiday for a few days this summer, like they did last summer. Then we can install Guild Wars on Thrawn, Dad's PC (we named him ;)). When we did that last summer, we were starting at about level 2 or 3, and by the end of the week we'd reached level 8 or 9 :) Then, we killed Thrawn's Hard Drive while uninstalling the game >.< It really wasn't our fault, though, as it turns out that the Hard Drive would have died anyway, but it sure did suck somewhat ^^. Luckily, the wonderful ECS Computers were able to fix him ^^. Sorted :D

Ok, so I'd just finished typing that last paragraph, and what happened? The doorbell rang, and a nice man from CityLink was there with a parcel for me....my MS-4 :D It's a gorgeous little thing, and surprisingly loud! Seriously, it can easily reach the volumes I play at when my parents are in, so no worries there ^^. It propably can't match my 10 Watt Squier amp that I got with my guitar at full volume, but I think it can give it a run for it's money... So, a happy ending for that story. Except for the fact that it won't fit in my guitar case...>.< So it'll have to go back in it's box, and into one of the bags, come Friday.

So, anyway, that's about it for now. I guess I ought to get on with making a start on my essay then....

But first, I have to change the lightbulb! It decided to die late last night/way early this morning just as I was about to go to bed, plunging me into darkness.... Just lovely.

Take care, people :)

Good day.