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Cosmic Flame
Oh, Livejournal....how I have neglected you!

I intended to post in you every day this holiday, but we can all see how well I did with that - i.e, pathetically ^^.

Shall we just say that I've been up to different things recently, and updating you is no longer top priority for the evenings?

I'm sorry, friends, for not really keeping you informed about the tiny trivialites of my live....or have I actually done you a favour? ;)

Well, sleep would be good round about now, so I'm off to bed... I just have to clear up first ^^. Me and Claire were recording, so the studio is all set up all over my bed :/ We got the new microphone today, though! YAY :D It's a Shure SM-58, which is darn good ^^. However, the Marshall MS-4 Miniamp that Claire was getting me as a late Christmas present wasn't included in the packet, so I need to phone GAK tomorrow, if they haven't replied to my e-mail....

I can hardly keep my eyes open, so I shall take that as quite a serious hint, and go to bed instead ^^.

I'm Feeling: exhaustedexhausted but loved
I've Been Listening To: Mike Oldfield - Heaven's Open
Cosmic Flame
04 January 2006 @ 05:21 pm
It's no good, I have to tell you all!!!

Heaven's Open by Mike Oldfield ROCKS!!!!!!!

I've listened to it far too many times now :D


I just thought that I'd tell you all this.
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I've Been Listening To: Mike Oldfield - Heaven's Open