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Cosmic Flame
Well, today *rocked*

And A Happy New Year to you all!

Me and Claire recorded some more stuff today - Jethro Tull's Weathercock, minus a flute solo, the chorus for On Horseback (Yay harmonies!) and finally, Run With Me (temporary title), which is an original of ours, which we ended up turning into a bit of a rocker. I even got to do my second ever guitar solo ;) George Harrison, Beatles era, style - half a verse, playing pretty much the melody ^^. T'was fun, though ^^. Oh! And Nick thought that She's A Muse sounded a bit like Pink Floyd o.0 I know that Claire will be pleased to hear that (*cough* obsessive *cough*) ^^.

Also, I learnt that the LJ S2 styles system uses XHTML and the W3C Transitional DTD. However, this is only of interest to people like me (Geeks and Nerds), so don't let it bother you ^^.


And, after several minutes of deliberation, I have decided that there is little more I can add to this entry, other than that if you want any of the music, just say so ^^.
Oh, and we watched Stuart Little today. T'was good, surprisingly ^^. And two episodes of Bagpuss :D

And on that note, I think I should go to bed, as I am rapidly losing metal coherance, or whatever....


I'd rather be on horseback.


I'm Feeling: lovedloved(!)
I've Been Listening To: On Horseback - Mike Oldfield (In my head..)