December 26th, 2005


Forever Autumn...

Well, that was Christmas... I didn't feel particularly Christmasy, and frankly, we didn't really do Christmasy stuff. For the first time ever we didn't have a real Christmas tree, as apparently we'd have had to have driven 12 miles to get one..... The house wasn't really decorated... I didn't get to open my presents until the afternoon, having been kicked out of bed and dragged to a state of being ready for church... Well, actually, Claire gave me a present first thing, and Mum forced me to open one... Claire got me a bag of Mini Animal Biscuits, with the intention of getting me something else later... The present Mum forced upon me was a new pair of slippers, as my old pair were kinda worn...

So we went to Church. Came back. Claire opened her presents in her room, I had to take mine upstairs to open as well as Dad was in the front room... It didn't feel right. Mum and Dad opened theirs while I wasn't there, as well... Somehow, the parents had managed to give Dad my present from Norwich Grandma & Grandad. They apparently thought that there either wasn't a label, or it had fallen off... So they gave it to Dad. After realising that I didn't get anything, they found the label was actually in plain view, and handed over my big box of malteasers.... Dad got all the fun of opening it, though :(

I seem to have received a rather large amount of edible stuff this year - I mean, yeah, much as I like chocolates and stuff, I do like other stuff! Stuff that lasts...

I feel really bad about the stuff I was thinking today. People go to all the trouble of getting me gifts, and most of my thoughs go along the lines of "Is that all?", "Not really relevent to my interests", "Nothing I wanted?" and "How come Claire's got more, and her's was cooler too?" I don't know what's wrong with me, I really don't. I doubt that Claire got more than me, and the parents really did try to get me stuff that I'd like, I'm sure! And it's not like it's stuff that I *don't* like, just stuff which I quite like, but isn't part of my core interests... For example, two railway magazines. Yes, I will look at them a bit, but I'm no longer obsessed with railways. Just like with Claire's old obsessions, I still retain a fondness, a love, even, of railways, but only to a certain extent.

Darn, but I'm bad. I'm a nasty ingrate, really, aren't I? My family buy me stuff and I think bad thoughts.

I guess I don't deserve presents anymore.

I'm sleepy, sulky, feelin' down, feeling lonely and left out, missing my friends and half-wishing that I was back in Egham.... The thoughts currently in my head aren't necessarily going to be there tomorrow.... I'm not making much sense, I'm guessing....

Emma - thanks for the present, that really made my day... well, the day wasn't really *good*, but you e-mail was a definate high point.
Elaine - thanks for being the first to wish me a merry/happy christmas today, and in fact, for being the only one of my Uni-friends who has got in touch today ^^.

I guess I should go to bed.