December 22nd, 2005


She's a Muse...

And so, it is finished! Tonight we wrapped up recording the vocals and lead guitar on the first demo of She's A Muse, one of the songs we wrote over the summer. I even managed to make a mono mp3 of it :D Would any of you like to hear it? I was trying to upload it just now, but it seems like YSI have screwed up their JavaScript on the front page, or something, as I couldn't get it to work (I did, however, get a lovely screenfull of code, JS to the best of my knowledge...). Let me know if you would - it's not brilliant, but we're rather proud of it :)

What else happened today? I went into town to get Mum's Christmas present, a present for Claire and to spend my book tokens. The choice was limited, but in the end I bought:

Chobits, book 1
Ai Yori Aoshi, book 1
DearS, book 1

Amy, if you leave me a comment including the words "soppy" or "pervert" while describing either me or my purchases, I will bite your knees off. No kidding.

I have the cutest desktop mascots sitting on my toolbar at the moment - Ayaka and Nodoka from Negima <3 It would seem that people who buy the official CD-ROMs of goodies like to share, as I also have some Love Hina ones somewhere..... ^^ The Negi ones talk to each other a bit, though! Woo! Claire wants me to make her some when I learn the relevant programming language....

Hmm...just had a browse, and it would seem that there are programs to do this for you.... I shall have to have a play about and let you know my results :)

Anyway, I'm hungry. But I can't go downstairs to get food, so I shall go to bed instead. Probably a good idea.


She's A Muse - download

She's a Muse - available for 7 days only!


Written over the summer
Recorded in two sessions, Friday and yesterday


Fender Squier Stratocaster
Zoom GFX-5 Digital Effects Processor
Naff (Poundland!)
Tascam Porta02mkII

Lead Vocals:
Backing vocals:
Me & Claire

This was my first attempt at "lead guitar", so please go easy on me ^^. I know that it's more than slightly dodgy in places, but this is just a demo. No doubt we will do new versions of all out songs when we get a decent microphone, and proper versions if we do buy a digital multitrack recorder this summer. Four tracks just isn't enough, seriously!

But anyway, although it be naffness encoded in mp3, please find the gems lurking inside!

Enjoy :)