December 18th, 2005

Icy Background

Gee but it's great to be back home...

I can now proudly announce that I made it home alive (though you told me not to drive), as did Viv and Nick. And we all enjoyed the weekend for a chance?

(You may be right)

The journey wasn't particularly nice, as expected, but we made it, and then collapsed at home doing nothing for a bit.

I tuned my guitar properly (Digital effect pedal with built in tuner, how I love thee) and then me and Claire worked on an old-ish song fromthe beginning of the summer. Turns out that we hadn't re-written Mike Oldfield's Moonlight Shadow, so we ended up recording the guitar part then and there. Vocals to come later.

Claire tidied up my bed a bit for me (too much stuff on it), and then Viv rang from Germany to tell me that they'd made it home ok. Had a nice long chat with her, and then came back here, to my room, and finished setting up Cathryn, my laptop. She's slowly but surely evolving towards CATHRYN II, who will be powerful enough to help me take over the world. All I need to get for her is:
- 512 MB more RAM, to take her to her maximum of 1024 MB (£?)
- A 5.1 Surround Sound external soundcard (~£40, I think)
- A set of nice 5.1 speakers (~£45)
- One or two more external hard drives - 350 GB is not enough! I want to break the Terabyte barrier! Not that it's really a barrier...
- Room on my desk to put a second monitor (optional, but would rock something awesome!)
- Some more USB hubs, I'm guessing...

In other news, .....well, I dunno. I'm home safely, Viv & Nick made it ok, Amy managed it on Thursday....I've yet to hear from some of my friends, but the get-home-alive thing seems to be going quite well at the moment.

And now a brief personal message to llieno:

My mobile told me that you called me, I think it was yesterday? Sorry I didn't get your call, I guess I was out of the room, or, more likely, I had no phone signal. Feel free to call again or text me or whatever if you want to speak to me - don't think that I was trying to ignore you! :)

Anyway, tonight's entry was less than eloquent...