December 17th, 2005


The Beast...

What a day!

I've been busy filing, tidying, uhm...and other stuff? I don't recall much of it before about 9:00 pm.... I doubt that I was ambulatory much before midday...

This evening Viv came round for the last time this year :'( We watched the Love Hina Christmas Special, which was my Christmas present to her (appropriate, huh?). It's her favorite bit of the Love Hina anime, and mine also, so all was good ^^. We then sat around in the dark chatting about love stuff, I guess, and I got to here the majority of Viv's life story, and in particular about her ex-boyfriend. Having never had a girlfriend, I couldn't really contibute much...

Viv left at about 1:20 or so, and we waited at the gates of Brunel for the non-res bus, which obligingly showed up to drop people off and snatch Viv away from me without really having time to say goodbye properly.... Ah well, I'll see her again, and as long as I keep myself busy over Christmas, I won't miss anyone too much, I guess...

Having bid Viviane farewell, I proceeded to the launderette, where I laundered money my clothes. I got back from there going on an hour ago, I guess...


Ok, so I ran out of underwear! That's why I went to the launderette at 2:00 am.

And now, I believe, to bed!


P.S. Going home tomorrow/today. Will update whenever!
P.P.S. Emma, that's your cue ;)