December 14th, 2005


Run Away! Run Away!

So then, that was that.

I've now had my last lectures for this term, and as long as I passed todays Java test, then I'm done for the week.

But if only it were that simple....tomorrow I have a concert in the evening with Absolute Harmony, my acappella choir, and the Anime & Manga library in the afternoon, which I have to go to due to promises.... I promised to let Viv watch the last episode of the "You're Under Arrest" OVAs, and I promised llieno rather a lot of files.....hmmm. I'd go anyway, but the point is that I need to get some sleep somewhere along the way...

Also, I finished the Java Coursework for this term...! Expect an Applet soon :) I wonder if I could embed it into my LJ... I don't think I'll have to change much code...

So, I think I'm now going to make my first applet....yes, at this time of night.

Goodnight :)

EDIT: Second thoughts, forget that! I'm tired!