November 30th, 2005

Icy Background

Can I escape this irresistible grasp?

For tea tonight I had:
Two fried sauages, with a fried egg on ham on bread, with three bits of bacon and four hashbrowns to go with it all. To finish off, I had a chocolate buttons yogurt :)

The reason that I had so much was because I didn't get to eat until about 9:30! I was doing my fun-mathsy coursework, then helping Nick with his studio & dodgy laptop. I then went to see if Amy wanted to join me over tea, but she was reading Plato stuff. Then we argued for a bit about homeopathy, which is complete nonsense, but she has been brought up to believe in. Grrr.

On the plus side, I feel a heck of a lot better. The Karvol has worked wonders on my blocked up/sniffly nose, and ... uhm, is that the time? I guess an 'early' night would be nice, and would help me feel even better...


P.S. Chobits ending = happy
{therefore} Brian = happy