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Cosmic Flame
So today I'm feeling a little better. I had a nice night last night, and today my first lecture was canceled by pre-arrangement. So I got an extra hour at home, which I'm told involved sleep. but to be honest, I hardly remember it...

My sore throat is mostly gone, and all that really remains is the snifflyness. I'm going to see if I can pick up some Karvol in town for that. Also, it'll make my room smell just soooo nice :)

In a few minutes I'm going into town to do my shopping (food). There isn't really that much to get, so I'm going to get randomy stuff as opposed to stuff for proper meals. This is good. I next have to go shopping on Saturday, and I'm probably not going to need to get much. I'm going to get next weet of the bank today, so on Saturday I can listen to Rick's Place in the morning, then shop in the afternoon. (Dude - we should soooo e-mail him to ask about the hand puppet and wind-up toy dinosaur on the Tales Tour...) Should be fun!

Tonight I'm going to work on my CS1111 coursework - Mathsy stuff - while listening to music that I should have listened to more, or something like that... Also, at some point, I'm going to take a look at Nick's Tascam 4-track tape studio that he's brought to Uni. Nick is the other guy I know who plays Tibia, and he's not so good wih technology ^^. I'm going to figure out how to use his studio (actually, I'll probably check out the Tascam website as they have all the manuals there in PDF) and teach him. I <3 technology.

Well then, I've finished dinner (eaten while typing - I am sooo good :)) so I guess that means it's shopping time. To Iceland and Tescos, then!

Brian :)
I'm Feeling: determined
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