November 19th, 2005

Icy Background

A few notices....

Firstly, for the anime fans:

The works are selling two box sets of anime, about 10 DVDs each, all proper offical Volume 1s of varius shows, for £14.99 each:

Pack 1
Pack 2

I ordered both last night, and I'll let you all know what they're like once I have them.

Secondly, mainly a notice for Claire:
There are some pictures on the offical website of The Syn.
Pictures here
Keep scrolling though...we get a cringeworthy one of Chris in a hoodie! And then...we get one of...The *Infamous* Henry Potts. Sitting and chatting to The Syn's keyboard player. Surreal.

And also, again, mainly for Claire:
Rick Wakeman has a radio show on Saturdays! He has three hours on Planet Rock which is on DAB, Sky or streamed from the 'net. 10 'till 1, every Satuday. Curses! Exactly when I have to do my food shopping! Listen to it, dude, even if I can't....

That's all, forks!

(Sorry, knives....I guess I don't like you as much...)

(I can't quote Lyrics from this song, as it's in Japanese >.< )


I went into town and bought food. I went to Oxfam and bought Genesis' Selling England By The Pound for £0.99 (!)

I struggled up the hill with several kilograms of foodstuff. I put it away. I watched several episodes of Chobits (which is awesome, by the way). I MANAGED TO TURN CAPS LOCK ON BY ACCIDENT xD. I haven't done much else.

LJ seems to be being a bit weird comments aren't posting, quite often... And when they are, LJ is putting them as replies to the post, not to the comment. Well, darn. So I think I'm going to give in on LJ for tonight. It's probably just leftover trouble from their data centre switchover, which sounded very exciting and I wish that I could have been there!!!!1!

Comments that I haven't replied to yet will be dealt with later. Thank you for your time.