November 18th, 2005

Cos in Space

Of the one with pure heart...

So, actually, yesterday wasn't so bad.

Hugh replied to my apologetic e-mail saying "To coin a phrase:- Sleep Happens."
Dave told me that he'd never made it to a morning lecture, and all of his lectures were morning lectures. Mind you, he was at Oxford, so the tutorial system would have meant that he'd have done all the work, just not learnt the theory with all the others.

So that wasn't so bad.

I spent most of the afternoon writing Java, and finally managed to get my code to draw a star! A nice, pretty five-pointed star! Once the complete program is finished, I'll turn it into a Java applet and put it up on my Uni website for you all to see :)

And today we got a coursework extension for the Web coursework. An eight day extension. Being a rep does help, when you're asking for things like that, it would seem. So I don't need to worry too much about that for now. Which means that I can work on my Java this afternoon, instead of my XML & XSL :D

Todays lab session for Computer Engineering was stupidly easy. Seriously, it took about 20 minutes. I was hoping that we'd get to write some assembly language, but we didn't. We loaded some assembly from a pre-prepared file. We then typed some out, as the third pre-written program had typos, apparently. Then, having finished, we (or I, at this point) got kicked out. So I'm here, in the Tolansky lab, typing this because I'm bored, kinda. The next, and only, lecture for today is in 20 minutes or so, so it doesn't seem worth loading up my Java coursework and getting stuck in, as I'd only have to interupt it....:/


Oh, yes! Last night. Anime & Manga Society. I was there on time (for once?) and afterwards me and Amy went 'round Tim's house to borrow some DVD-Rs with downloaded fansubbed anime on them :) I'm going to copy them all to my new hard drive (who's name is Saati) and swap them next week for more. I will have soo much anime soon :D I've got all of Azumanga Daioh (sp?) on loan from Tim, and all of Cowboy Beebob, RahXephon and...umm...other stuff? I can't honestly remember... Tons, ok? And next week I should be able to get Hellsing and Full Metal Alchemist :D

So I'm pretty happy, overall. Just one minor niggle:

My phone has a 32Mb MMC card in it. I have filled both the card and the built in memory with music. I am currently sitting and listening to it. I have heard it all several time now, and I don't mean in the last week. I mean today. This morning.

I need to get a 512Mb MMC card. I need to get it quite soon, before I go mad. Before I do that, though, I need to figure out how to take my phone apart -.- I read the manual, as always, and I did what it said! It just...doesn' x(

Oh, by the way? I made to bed by twenty past one, last night. Rather early, for me! And to get earlier, I hope. I need to sleep properly again, so I can be wakeful and bouncy in the mornings again. Also, next term I have two 9:00 lectures a week. I need to start training for them, I guess... I'm not looking forward to them :/ If I get up at seven instead of trying to go back to sleep, then I can be out of the hall by eight thirty, I think....probably. I can try, at any rate.

Tonights gonna be weird....Amy's gone home for the weekend, so I'm gonna be all alone. I'll probably give my old friend Matthew a call, and call home as well. I expect that I'll copy some of Tim's DVDs, and I might even play Tibia for a bit, which would be lovely. I might read the lecture slides that I missed yesterday, or I might try some exercises for CS1111, my logic course. I just don't know. That's nice. Tomorrow morning I'll go into town and do my shopping, then I'll work in the afternoon. Java? XML? Who knows! Sounds like fun to me :)

I'd better be off, as my lecture is in 8 mins or so, and I need to loo.

Talk to you all later.
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