November 15th, 2005

Cos in Space

Na tenshi no thesis....

Woo! What a day it's been...

I got to bed kinda earlyish last night....2:40. Am. I know, that's actually late, but it seemed early at the time. I woke up today feeling refreshed and full of energy, and I had a good shot at being actually awake in lectures. This is a good thing. I saw Amy right before my first lecture, which is always a good thing. She slept round a friend's house last night, so I didn't see her much... Her first lecture on a Monday is in ALT1, which is where my first lecture is also. Hers is at 9:00, mine at 10:00. So that was a good start.

All my friends showed up, and we were all happy and bouncy. Well....I was. We then had a tutorial in which we did Maths! Of the logic-algebra kind. FUN FUN FUN!!! I miss maths :(

Then at dinner time, Viv and Nick, my two German friends from Historical Reenactment and Anime & Manga showed up. Because I had three books of Love Hina for Viv to borrow. Then Seb, one of my CS friends, showed up too. He lives in the same hall as Viv and Nick, so they're all friends. They then walked me to my next lecture, which was really sweet of them :D

The next lecture, Computer Engineering, Rocked. I reiterate, it ROCKED. I <3 Assembly Language. So simple, so sweet. A nice easy example - put five lines of Assembly code into the right order to make a program that does what we want it to do. Done in about two minutes. We were given eight minutes. And then to add insult to injury, Hugh, the lecturer, set it as homework, to be handed in next time. I went and gave him my one straight away, and he said it was perfect (naturally!). Only one other person handed it in then.... :)

Then another lecture with Jackie, a continuation of my first lecture of the day. It was a bit....confusing? Yes. Not well handled at all, really. Me and Seb had a chat to Jackie after the lecture, and she listened to what we had to say, which hopefully is quite promising.

Then, to the Tolansky lab for the Jackie-course lab session. I got on with my coursework, and made quite a nice start on it. Just have to right the XHTML part of it, including an XSL stylesheet.... :/ I also have to do the next bit of Java coursework.....! Life can be tough, eh?

And then - Absolute Harmony! The acapella choir who I sing with. Just the boys at 5->6ish, then all of us until 8. I left at 7:35 ish so I could get the bus, which I skillfully caught.

Then home! And book 3 of A.I Love You, a manga by Ken Akamatsu, the guy who did Love Hina. <3. Part of some stuff I ordered online, it arrived on Saturday. Problem - we can't check our post at the weekends :/ Ah well, I've got it now :D <3

Then Amy got home and we watched the last three episodes of Eva. Collapse )

And now she's gone - to bed, poor, sleepy Amy - and I'm updating my LJ.

I'm going to go and wash up now, and then go to bed myself. I might have a bit of food first, though, as Pocky doesn't really fill you up very well...

Until next time,