September 24th, 2005


Moving In

So then, today was the big day. We spent all of yesterday packing and cleaning up, tidying, know the sort of things. I had to pack up Cat before bed, obviously enough, so I couldn't update...


Me and Claire set off early so we could get everything sorted out as soon as possible. Also, Dad wanted...or should I say needed to have a hot dinner at the usual time, which is not something that bothers me or Claire. We got down here ok, but it wasn't as quick as I hoped that it would have been... Seems that there will be engineering work on our line every weekend for the next few months or so...ouch >.<

So then. We eventually arrived in Egham, and caught a bus pretty quickly. Alas, I didn't know exactly where we wanted to go in terms of bus-stops, and neither did the bus driver. So we ended up with a bit of a walk after all. :( But hey! We got here! We found where I needed to collect my keys from, and then we went to my room. Actually, that's a bit of a lie. I got to the front of the queue, and then my phone went off. See, the parents had promised to ring as soon as they reached Waterloo, so we could come and meet them at Egham station. They sure picked a bad time to ring. So I had to hang up on them ^^. Then we went to my room. We had to find my hall of residence first, of course. Which was less than easy. We got there eventually, though. We tipped my stuff out of the backpacks and I did took an inventory of what was provided. I have to give that in tomorrow. Or Monday. Whenever.

We then took a bus down to Egham again, and met up with the parents. Mum had just finished my Tescos shopping, and I went over what she'd got with her. They sold pretty much everything, thank goodness :) We picked up a couple of little pizzas from Iceland, plus a tup of Nesquik milkshake powder. And some mini chocolate roll things. (Gosh but this of Supper's Ready is scary ~18 mins) We brought all the stuff back to my room, unpacked, and then the parents hurried off taking Claire with them.

Then? Then I tidied up, and put everything away where it should have been. My room is now very tidy. There was an optional induction talk and supper at 5:00, but I didn't feel like I wanted to go... What with all the rushing about and having to go back to Egham to get the parents, I hadn't actually met anyone else who I'll be living with. TO be honest, I still haven't. I will tomorrow, though, I promise. I'm going to be nice and social and friendly, and meet new people even though some of them look like trendies. Trendies make baby Roger cry. :'(

So, instead of a talk and then the ensuing awkwardness over the food as I realised that there was nothing that I liked, I stayed in. Turns out that I don't have the Internet here yet. I'm told that it is provided, but I guess I need to speak to somebody about it. Maybe I need to register with the Computer Services Department first? Or maybe all the switches in my hall (or all the halls) are turned off... I dunno... Maybe I should have gone to that induction talk after all.... I just really didn't want to.. I'm not that social a person, and I'd rather take things a bit more slowly that being forced to eat with a whole bunch of strangers, who may or may not be planning on going out and drinking afterwards. I don't drink. No alcohol, thank you very much.

So I stayed in and watched some Love Hina while having a rather mixed up tea. I'll have some proper food tomorrow. I expect that I shall have at least one cooked meal, probably (in fact, certainly) tea, which is what we call the evening meal.

Anyway, I'm going to start getting ready for bed now, as I quite fancy an early night for once ^^. Not that it will be exactly early, but even so... I shall try harder tomorrow for an early night! Like, 11:00 ^^. My ideal bedtime is about 10:30, I reckon. That gives me half an hour to get to sleep, then 8 hours sleep before my alarm goes off. Lovely :) So, really, I need to be getting ready for bed at around, I dunno? 9:30? I'm not very quick :( If I got ready at 9:00, then I could easily be ready for 10:00, which would give me a little read before bed. I have quite a few books here which I enjoy. Plus, I have my guitar :)

My room is just so big! Claire's room in her first year was tiny, mine is easily 3m x 5m. Ground floor, with a big window. Only thing about being on the ground floor is that it's not exactly secure. I really don't want people breaking through my window and stealing my stuff :(

Anyway, I've arrived, and to prove it I'm here.

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