September 11th, 2005

Icy Background

T'was a good day....

Yeah, so....we went to Egham. We saw stuff. We found Tescos, Budgens and Iceland, all supermarkets. We checked out the area where I'm going to be living. We discovered that there are no toilets at Egham station. We found an Oxfam shop, and ended up buying: Vinyl Singles: Paul McCartney and Wings, Mull of Kintyre/Girls School, Brian May, Too much Love will Kill You/Some B-Side which I can't recall, Mike Oldfield, On Horseback/In Dulci Jubilo. And, ok LP, Jon & Vanglelis' The Friends Of Mr Cairo. Yaya!

Then we came home, and I found that I had an e-mail telling me where I'm going to be living and stuff. So I then had to deal with all that. I'm not allowed to play and musical instruments in my room, grrrr. -.- Thing is, I'm in accomodation provided by Brunel University, yet my Uni is Royal Holloway. So it's all a bit weird, as RHUL are a bit overcrowded this year, apparently. So, if my information is correct, everyone who had RHUL as an insurance (2nd choice) offer instead of the first choice is going to be living at Brunel's Runnymede Campus. Which is very pretty. And is kinda in a national park. We saw rabbits! Bun-buns! And jackdaws and magpies! Wheeee! Trees and grass! Green! So yeah, hopefully RHUL will have some practice rooms at their main site....

So after all the online paperwork, I settled down and watched 5 episodes of Love Hina, which is a very nice anime series which I *ahem* downloaded. I plan to buy it next year, however, so that's that. It's nice :)

And Emma, I wasn't meaning to sound like I was getting at you. The words just came out of my tired hands the wrong way. I just felt bad for not replying to your lovely e-mails or even telling you when I start Uni! So I just stuck in in here so that I could deal with telling you and posting an update all at the same time. *Hugs.*

I'm going to bed now. Every now and again, maybe I deserve a late night. This, however, is getting a bit absurd! I was up (or at any rate, awake) at 7 am! Hmmm....20 hours awake. Time for bed and happy anime and subtitled dreams ^^. Maybe.