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Cosmic Flame
05 September 2005 @ 01:51 am
There's a spider in my room. I know there is, as I've seen him. He's just like the one I caught a few days ago, and also like the one Mum caught in here earlier. He's somewhere between me and the door, I know that. When I saw him run back from under my wardrobe, I built a barricade to keep him out, and got ready to catch him. By the time I was prepared (mentally as well) - he'd gone. Vanished. Now I'm terrified, and I can't stand it. I'm shaking, sweating, and through and through terrified. He could still get through the barricade and round towards me. >sobs< I need a hug. GOod job I didn't get to bed early, then, or I'd be defensless against him.

Goodnight, I don't think mine will be. I am actually crouching and kneeling on my chair as I type this, so that It can't get to me without some trouble. I think I need therapy. Of the mass hugging sort.
I'm Feeling: scaredterrified
I've Been Listening To: None atm
Cosmic Flame
05 September 2005 @ 11:57 pm
Yes! Yes, I do! For being in bed before midnight, I get a special prize from Mum, who has promised to get me an anime DVD out of the library (you have to pay to borrow DVDs and stuff like that...). For the record, it's gonna be Neon Genesis Evangelion, Volume 1, Episodes 1 - 4. I can't wait. I've seen episode 1 by downloading it, and I really want to see the others. I hope that it doesn't take a long time to come in to our library, though....

In other news, we tidied my room quite a bit today, and I also downloaded a load of Yes demos and live stuff. Including Vultures (In the city), the unreleased ABWH song that only made it as a B-side to a single. Emma, when I get some time to put together and upload a package of files for you, you shall be greatly rewarded. Jon Anderson's Three Ships! Just the title track, but even so....!

Right, bedtime, as I want my anime DVD, if only for a week. Anime! :)

I'm Feeling: happyhappy
I've Been Listening To: None atm, Yes demos and stuff earlier.