August 31st, 2005

Icy Background

We've got some wild things floating about....

Well, today was kinda naff...but in some places, not naff at all. I went into town and got a guitar hardcase and a pack of 5 Type II (CrO2) tapes - you'll find out the purpose of these in the next few days - and I payed off my debts to Mum and Claire. On the minus side, I spent most of the afternoon looking after the printer for Dad, and then clinging on to the ladder while he painted at the top. He dripped paint on me, even though I had a sheet draped over me... Also, Mum decided to impose a 12:00 "curfew" for lights-out, which, obviously enough, I have not managed to keep, tonight. However, I did learn how to iron jeans, and I washed up from tea-time, plus I had a bath and cut my fingernails and all. Very important.

I'm going to bed now, as Mum has already told me off once "this morning" about being up late, and I really can't stomach any more of this. Doesn't she believe in letting me learn my own lessons? If I have to be nagged to look after myself at home, how will I manage when I'm at university? So, just like with Dad, then.

On the plus side, the day was saved (or at any rate, given a proper plus side) by a lovely e-mail from the little one (Emma), who has a nice way of cheering me up. It's very comfoting to know that here I am, in England, sulking about bad days and parental control issues, and listening to prog and borsking about the state of society and all that, and on the other side of the world there's a girl doing pretty much the same thing.