August 26th, 2005

Icy Background

You slip out of your depth and out of your mind, with your fear flowing out behind you... you claw the thin ice.

It would seem that I have reached the limit for the number of characters allowed in a entry title. Oh well.

So then. Was got up absurdly early, but the builders didn't show up 'till later. Good thing, really, as somehow, one of the parents discoved that there was a form that I should have sent off to Royal Holloway quite a while back, and Mum rang up to ask what I should do. They said to send it in quickly, so I did. I then checked through the other RH stuff, and found another form that I should have sent, so did that one as well. What suckage.

This evening, me and Claire had the naffest hunt in Tibia EVER! Bar one. This time, we did actually get to kill some monsters, but not very many as all the spawns were pretty much taken. Ah well. I was hungry when everyone else was in bed or heading that way, so I went and had a go at making a bacon sandwich. Vegetarian Bacon, of course. It worked, and was very nice :) I think that I shall have to make more someday....

Then, when the promise of an early night was within my grasp, I went and grabbed my guitar and looked up how to play some Pink Floyd songs. The main riff of Interstellar Overdrive? Sorted. The Thin Ice? Easy :) Outside The Wall? Scarecrow? Easy :)

And on that note, I'm going to bed.

Cos in Space

Well, darn... network cable got completely trashed today, so I have no Internet access on Cat until tomorrow, when ECS will come and fit the connectors on the new wire. So, until I get that fitted, I shall just have to go to bed early instead of staying up. It was the builders who did it, by the way...

The Royal Holloway enrollment pack arrived today, horray. I'm now a little bit closer to getting out of here. I can't wait, that is, assuming that I have 'net access from my room, otherwise it might just suck more than a bit...

I gotta go...Claire's only letting me use her laptop for a couple of minutes....