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Cosmic Flame
Well....tomorrow I have to get up when Mum wakes me up, as the builders are probably going to be putting our ethernet cables in trunking tucked out of sight, and I'm the only one who actually understands the network we have, and where all the wires go and what they do. This is intentional. This way, nobody messes with *my* network...or at least, nobody *should* mess with it, but that's never stopped Dad...

The wonders of Internet Radio, huh? There's this radio station that we listen to in the van which is based in...Holland? Possibly not, but it's a Dutch radio station on MW. We have a very old car, and no FM radio or anything.... Well, it's a really good station, and they play loads of Classic stuff, and just, ehm, Monday, I guess, we heard Pink Floyd's Time played as we drove home from Homebase, a paint shop. An added bonus of this station is that the news and traffic reports are in Dutch, so you don't have to listen to them to get information out ^^. Unless you speak Dutch, that is... Turns out that this station, Arrow Classic Rock, or something like that, is also available over the 'net. Rocks. Tonight, I heard Roundabout followed by somethingorother by The Beatles, and later on? Comfotably Numb. Unfortunately, it lead me to an unpleasant truth...

So, there I was, playing Tibia, and Roundabout started up. I recognised it, grinned, listened to the beginning, and the zoned out. I didn't *hear* it again until it ended. I've listened to so much Yes while working, they've become almost too familar. I hardly even hear them, sometimes. I've got so much Yes music, all the favorites have become background sound. Which is why I haven't been listening to them much lately. I've been listening to new stuff by other artists, following other paths through the great nebula of prog. Yes bring familiarity, and when I get to Uni, I'm going to need that, which is why I mustn't overdo them. They're still the best, though. No doubt about that.

Bedtime, I think...

I'm Feeling: exhaustedexhausted
I've Been Listening To: Genesis earlier, plus some other stuff...?