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Cosmic Flame
24 August 2005 @ 02:30 am
Good evening, my friends. Actually, it's morning, and I should and could have been in bed a few hours ago. I would have been, had I not had a long talk with Mum about going off to Uni and not needing to worry too much about fitting it, a milkshake and a virus/Trojan Horse that needed dealing with. To cap that all off, I was about to goto the bathroom when Dad went in. So much for that.

So...today.I got up late due to sitting and chatting with Claire for ages before breakfast, and then having to wait for Dad to get out of the borsking bathroom. Dad was out in the afternoon, so I printed off an awesome Guitar Chord Chart, and played about with a few new (at least to me) chords, and them some scales from my guitar book. I had to help both the parents with various jobs, and Claire sat about in my room for most of the day, songwriting.

And that was pretty much it, really. T'was alright, though I didn't exactly get much done that I wanted to....:( Maybe tomorrow, but then again, maybe not...

I'm going to bed.

I'm Feeling: frustratedFed up
I've Been Listening To: Random Stuff earlier, to be unspecific...