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Cosmic Flame
So. Today. Claire came home from work not feeling well, I helped Mum buy paint, and most of the rest of my day was eaten up by having to fill in a form to let the Local Education Authority know that I'm going to a different University that I originally told them I would be...I think that pretty much sums up my day. Hectic and nasty. On the plus side, Issue 80 of The Official Star Wars Fact File showed up, accompanied with a binder. Only about a year or so late, but the constant nagging down the phone by Mum seems to have paid off at last. After all the times we were promised that it would be sent, and it never was.... Ah well, it's here now. If only I had some more free time I'd read and file all of them up to issue 140, which was where it stopped. Someday, someday...

Also, I listened to some Genesis, and wrote a huge reply to the little one, who, frankly, deserved it!

Goodnight :)
I'm Feeling: confusedA flower?
I've Been Listening To: Genesis & Mike Oldfield earlier...oh, and Jethro Tull!