August 21st, 2005


Paradise...can it be all that I heard it was?

Can I really be this late to bed again? Why?? Well now...let's see...

I had over 9 hours asleep last 'night' and didn't wake up 'till a few minutes to 12...midday! Dinner was breakfast, and we went for a walk up to Tescos in the afternoon. We had planned to go somewhere interesting, but the parents put paid to that with some shopping and photocopying. Claire bought me a lovely "well done" present - a big chocolate pudding all to myself! I've eaten nearly half of it, and it's lovely :)

After that, we played some X-Wing Vs Tie Fighter (XvT) for a change, and in fact, before that, we did musicy stuff, and I came up with a new musical idea or two. Actually, I think we played XvT after Tea, in the evening... I dunno... At some point during the day I got a lovely e-mail from the little one, which made me feel very happy and loved. I haven't replied to it yet, as I haven't really had time....sorta. Or at least, I could have had time, but I didn't. I think that on Monday morning, I'm going to see if I can't clear my list of comments to reply to, and e-mails to reply to down to 0. They're pretty much all from the little one, and I feel kinda bad about that, but not so bad as to mope over it, and seemingly not so bad as to actually do anything about it.... She knows that I will eventually, and if she doesn't, then she does now! I think I also need to do some clearing up on Monday! My room is starting to get really messy, and I have no excuse now to not do anything about it! I need to clear up and also re-install The Sims on Cat, and put on some new music while doing so.

And now? I need to go to bed.