August 18th, 2005


For once, I really can't think of a title...

Hey there, are ya all?

Tomorrowi is results day, so understandably I'm rather nervous. No. That's a lie. My nerves are frayed. Rather nervous doesn't quite sum it up...

So, a quick round up of today's news, and then to bed.

I went 'round to Matthew's today, which was great fun. We played Total Annihilation, and I won :). We also did some co-op missions on X-Wing Versus Tie Fighter, which was great, once we'd got it to work over the network ^^. Plus, he's lent me Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas! It turns out that, despite his laptop having the specs to run it, it won't >.<. So, as I can run it, I get it on long term loan until he can. Friends are good like that, huh? And Matthew, should you chance to cast an eye over my journal, the link you're looking for is: Enjoy :)

Oh Emma, I feel kinda guilty about not sending you some more stuff like I promised I would.... I will, though. That I promise. It's just the impending results and stuff that's stopping me. Should everything go nicely tomorrow (darn! Today already!) then I'll be able to send you some more stuff pretty soon...

And to hark back a bit, me and Claire played some Tibia this evening, and we found some Pandas (first time ever!) and some Spit Nettles (Ouchie! Spitting, immobile nettles....)

2'o clock. Results at 10'o clock.

Time I went to bed.