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Cosmic Flame
16 August 2005 @ 02:16 am
Hmm....ok day, I guess. Went into town with Mum in the morning, and got 3/4s of Claire's birthday present, which was good. Also got a new backpack, some string and a sponge bag....for Uni, or course.

Then I got a headache for quite a while.

It got worse (the day, not the headache) when I discovered that the Little One has had a really bad day, and might find herself being banned from using the net at home . If that does happen...well, I'm gonna miss her. A lot. So lets all focus out positive mental energies or somethingorother on the Little One, and hopefully, she won't have failed this test, and her Dad won't freak....

I could say more, but I think some sleep would be a better idea.

I'm Feeling: tiredtired
I've Been Listening To: The Thin Ice, in my head, and not at the moment...