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Cosmic Flame
I <3 The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway, I really do...

So then...today we visited the North Norfolk Railway, followed by the Wells and Walsingham Narrow Gauge railway. Nice long ride on both of them, very fun :) We had a sorta picnic dinner and tea sitting in the van, and we stopped off at a couple of places on the way back, which was nice, but less fun as me and Claire just wanted to go home.

I'm tired, and I should have been sensible and gone to bed earlier, but there's nothing that makes me want to go to bed less than somebody constantly saying "Be good to yourself!", "Don't stay up 'till 3 - it's not good for you." or "Gosh you look tired. Early night, tonight." I hate it, and it has completely the opposite effect. I wish they'd stop it.

I'm going to bed, before 3, but not too much before 3 :/ I wanted to be in bed ages ago, but I'm not, so I shall be soon. Yeah...

I'm Feeling: exhaustedShattered
I've Been Listening To: Locomotive Breath and The Lamb in my head, occasionally, and earlier in reality