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Cosmic Flame
12 August 2005 @ 01:57 am
And not a lot of time to say what I want to say, as I really do need to get some sleep....

Today...well... I explored quite a bit of the new area in Tibia, Port Hope and Tiquanda, and I finished by book, The New Turing Omnibus. I haven't decided which of the other books to read next, but it shouldn't be too hard, as it's a choice of two, and I have to read them both anyway!

Also, I think my versions of "In The Flesh?" and "In The Flesh" are way better than the Pink Floyd originals. Hopefully I'll have recorded versions of them both before I go off to Uni, so I can share my universal brilliance with you all. Well, all one of you who won't be helping me record it...

And that's it for tonight. Not a lot, but I shall at least get some sleep tonight...I have an eye test at 12:10 "tomorrow" (i.e. after I've slept), and I don't want to have tired eyes, or they might think I need glasses.... Coffee will be needed, however.

I'm Feeling: okayokay, a bit tired, a bit achey, but ok overall.
I've Been Listening To: none right now - Gryphon & Deep Purple earlier, though...