August 10th, 2005

Icy Background

Carried away, by a moonlight shadow...

Ok, so. Here we are again. My manic depressed-lonely phase has passed, and I'm back to being reasonably happy who and what I am, solitude included. Also, it's rather late at night, so I'm not going to type for long. < Sighs > I've got interesting comments to reply to, files to upload for the little one, I'm two days away from finishing my book, I still need to reinstall the Sims, I need to rewrite the melody for our latest song, as it borrows too much from Moonlight Shadow, which is dancing around my head... Also I'm booked for an eye test on Friday at 12:10, even though I have perfect vision. The parents think that I'd be a good idea to have my eyes tested before I go to Uni...

I had a good couple of rants lined up for tonight, but as it's so late, I really must save them for another day. I'll just go to bed, now.

Oh, one last thing: Tibia updated today, with a brand new area, called Tiqanda, which is HUGE! Looks like it's going to be fun!