August 8th, 2005

Icy Background

And I am you and what I see is me...

Hey there.

It's late, and I really should be in bed, but before I leave, I shall impart these thoughs to you...:

Have you ever wondered about body-swapping? I mean, it'd be awesome! Not that I'm trying to say that I want to be a woman! But actually, I would. Just for a day, mind you! I just think that I'd be a pretty amazing and enlightening experience for both parties. I also wondered about how you can positively identify somebody after a body swap... I mean, photographic identification would be useless, as would all body-based forms of ID. So how about a secret question? Something that only you could answer. The only problem there is that the only person that you could convince would be the other person involved. For example, "What was the last thing that you said to me last night before going to sleep?" But even that isn't flawless! Somebody could have bugged your house, or the person with the answer to the question might be working with the body-hijacker, or the question and answer might be entirely made up!

So how about a central ID bank, with a set of secret questions and answers for each person? Anybody who's ID was suspect could be forced to prove to the computer that they were who they said they were... But hackers! Think of the hackers!

Difficult thing this body swapping.... Maybe a brain wave scan could be userd to identify an individual mind.....I'm not sure about that, as Biology was never my strong point.

Thoughts, anyone?

In other news, I spoke to a couple of old friends today on MSN. Dave, as in Chaz 'n' Dave, who I knew in Year 11 as the resident comedy duo, and Cat from Tibia, who I haven't seen for what must be ages! She was feeling a bit guilty about not being around on Tibia much anymore, after promising to hunt with me a lot this summer. I told her that it was ok, and that I hadn't got as much time as I thought I would have.

I haven't logged into Tibia for a few days now. Ever since the announcement about the changes coming in the update, I dunno, I just haven't felt the same about it. But that's not all. When I didn't get much time on a computer, Tibia was what I looked forward to more than anything else, apart from maybe new music ^^. But now? I can log into Tibia for hours and hours on end! Where's the fun in that? What's the point? For about a week I logged in for about 5 hours a day making and selling runes, and made a nice little amount of cash. Then? Then I guess I got bored, a bit... Tibia was getting in the way of the reading, as well... Darn the reading! I need to do my 20+ pages tomorrow morning before dinner, so I can have some fun in the afternoon... I would like that a lot, but I need to get some sleep first, as coffee can't really make up for no sleep at all....

Goodnight, and may the forces of prog and love give you all (all two of you, I guess, but more like one) sweet dreams and happy days.


That sounded a bit final. It wasn't meant to. I'm only going to sleep for a few hours!

Goodnight :)