August 4th, 2005

Icy Background

On Broadway...

It's late - I'm tired - I should be sleeping. Let's make this brief.

I got my guitar fixed, new switch fitted and all! It sounds great now, and I can get a really cool sound from the front pickup, or a combination of the front and middle ones.

I bought 3 60's compilation CDs for 99p each in the post office. I have yet to unwrap them, let alone listen to them!

I can really identify with the kid from You Damn Kid. I'm not even kidding. Some of the games that he and his little sister Dot play are rather like the kind of things that me and Claire used to do. I guess we aren't so messed up after all!

< Brian looks around his room, trying desperately to figure out what else to write >

Nope, looks like that's it for now!

Goodnight friends, all two and a half of you. Sorry Matthew, but reading my journal twice doesn't count fully. And Clare doesn't read it so often now that we're in the same house and all. I'll leave you with an interesting question, then....who am I talking to?