August 3rd, 2005


blag ne howe sih al goy kchan!

No, it doesn't mean anything, other than I could have had an early night, but I got caught up reading - as usual ^^.

Little One, I got your e-mail, and I have everything apart from Raindance and Breakfast in America, which don't work. I will reply to the e-mail, ptobably tomorrow, and thank you very very very so much for the video message! Whee! I don't see how you can complain about me and Claire having "darn good looks" when you too are darn good looking... :p

I need to sleep, as I have to go down to East Coast Music tomorrow to drop off my guitar to be fitted with a new pickup selector switch - horray! I'll finally be able to get a decent sound from the front pickup without having to press on the switch all the time -.-

Sleep time for me~