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Cosmic Flame
23 July 2005 @ 02:10 am
Well, I read 4 chapters of my book, I conquered my fears and went outside, I bought a bright blue toy dolphin (called 'Fishy' now) in a charity shop, I put chords and a tune to Claire's song, I sold 4 BPs of SDs in Tibia for 16.8k, which is a very good price and means that I'm close to being able to afford a Vampire Shield, I finished another BP of SDs which I will sell tomorrow (today!), and finally, I caught a spider ('Sunshine') with my new bugcatcher that Mum bought for me. And that was all one sentence!

So then, not an early night, but I'm glad it wasn't, or else Sunshine would probably still be dangling precariously from the ceiling over my bed.

My back hurts. I'm going to bed.
I'm Feeling: contentcontent
I've Been Listening To: Lots earlier, none now.