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Cosmic Flame
Why not run those wrists under a cold tap for a few seconds? It cools you down no end!
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Cosmic Flame
Insanity worries me. What if I'm going mad, but I don't realise it? What if I AM mad?

Actually, to be honest, going mad and knowing it would be worst. I sincely hope that that never happens to me, or anyone I know who holds similar views. Personally, I would rather believe that everything is normal than know that it's not, and that it's getting worse.

But enough of that.

I'm all ready for bed, and it's not even midnight. This is truly quite incredible, as last night I got to bed at 3 am, and thus spent most of this morning in bed asleep.

Claire gets back tomorrow, so normality should resume.

Well, I'm not going to get an early night by LJing for hours, so I shall bid thee goodnight now, and retire to my sleeping chamber. Actually, I'm already in my bedroom, it being the only room that I posess. You get the meaning, though. In case you don't, then goodnight.
I'm Feeling: cheerfulNot even midnight! Woo!
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