July 13th, 2005


A week in Paris, Pt 2.

Well, today we did a whole lotta stuff that wasn't intended, but sure was fun. We played Guild Wars a bit (I have 1 quest left, Claire hasn't decided on a second vocation...monk or mesmer?), we went for walk and boiled, we watched the rest of Star Wars Episode IV (The original! Yay!), and then we watched all of The Rutles: All You Need Is Cash, which is tremendously funny, even on the nth viewing.

Claire has a job interview tomorrow, and has to get up horrendously early to get there on time. Hence, she's asked me to put on my alarm clock for 7:00....owwie. So I'm not going to get much sleep tonight. Being molested by a spider while in the bathroom didn't help. He decided to stand between my and the door, so I had to stand in the bath until he decided he'd rather skulk around the back of the laundry basket. I then had a very quick wash, and darted for the relative safety of my room, where, I am assured, no normal life form could survive.

So anyway, today was quite good. Tomorrow (oh damn! It's today now, and by quite a bit!) has the potential to be quite neat, possibly involving the production of an orange jelly for teatime, the creation of Mike Oldfield in the Sims (to live near Pink Floyd!), collecting Claire from the station, and quite possibly a trip to Tescos. Hopefully some Guild Wars will feature, as Claire doesn't have that many quests left before the searing, and we really want to get past the searing before the return of the parents, as then we can't hunt together, both logged in at the same time. I somehow get the feeling that being together would up out post-searing survival chanes by quite a substantial margin.

At some point, maybe tomorrow, I shall post some screenshots from our recent questing, so you can all see....well, stuff. Y'know. Neat stuff. Pretty armor. Stunning graphics. Meah, bedtime!

Oh, that was it! If I get a chance tomorrow, I also want to read my book and play my guitar, though not necessarily at the same time.

Goodnight, but first.

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Night night,