July 12th, 2005

Cos in Space

A week in Paris, Pt 1.

Well, the parents are now in Paris, snuggled up in a hotel opposite the station. Lucky them. Much chaos regarding their new mobile phone, as for some strange reason it wouldn't work. They could text us, but not call England. Bizzare, but eventually we got something sorted out.

Me and Claire got to play quite a good bit of Guild Wars today. I've only got two quests left, and one of them is the one in which I go to the Acadamy and leave pre-searing Ascalon forever . The other one is easy, and I just need to find Aidan, a master ranger dude, and give him some Aloe roots. I've got the roots all ready, but he hasn't actually given me the quest yet, so it's going to be one of those very short quests....Accept mission, accept reward, done. Just need to help Claire with a literal ton (or tonne) or quests until she's ready for the searing as well. She hasn't even decided on her second vocation yet! We did three quests in the catacombs today, and boy, were they scary or what! It gives me the chills just thinking of them...

So instead of creeping myself out, I shall tell you about The Sims, which we also played for a bit. Our latest family is the Floyd family, and consists of Dave, Nick, Rick, Roger and Syd. No guessing who they're supposed to be! Anyway, they've now all had their first day at work, and Syd and Rick got promotions! Dave didn't get a promo, but did bring home a bonus of $1000. (Not dollars, though. Simolians. (sp?))

And now I'm very tired. One thing. Apparently, £1 out of every £8 spent in the UK goes to Tescos. I think that that's just for supermarkets, or something like that, but it's still kind of interesting/worrying...

Anyway, time for sleepy Brian to go to dreamland. And hopefully not dream of the catacombs.