July 10th, 2005

Cos in Space

Quite a good day.

Just a very short entry, as I want to go to bed. Level 7 in Guild Wars, and Fist 20 on Cos in Tibia. Woo!

On a side note, Guild Wars has different language zones in towns and outposts, where you can meet other players. It's almost unnerving to think that nobody has asked me "Swe?" (i.e. Hello there, are you Swedish by any chance?) or "br?" (i.e. Good day! And would you be of Brazilian nationality, my good man?) yet. I can't say that I miss it.

Copied a bit more of my music to Hard Drive today. Got all of my CDs on there now, and most of Claire's and Mum's. Few more days like this and we'll be done!

Also, me and Claire had another go at writing a song, which was fun. Maybe we'll finish it off tomorrow, maybe not...

And don't let me forget - I promised to go for a walk with Claire tomorrow evening, when the mists come down and everything is mellow and chill. I also intend on going 'round Matthew's for some gaming.

Well, I need to clear up my bed and hop in it for some rest, but not for recreation. Or procreation. Yes. Well. Give it ten years, maybe, and who knows......

'Night all, not that anyone apart from Claire reads this....