July 9th, 2005


Another day older.

Well, that was quite a good day, really. I played a ton of Guild Wars, and I'm now very nearly level 7, if I recall correctly. I played my guitar, and I gave my room a micro-tidy. Tomorrow, I'm thinking of giving Matthew a ring to see if he's free in the afternoon for some gaming, and for copying the contents of my old hard drives to my laptop, Cathryn. With any luck he'll be up for it! Maybe I'll get to show him Guild Wars.....I doubt he'd like it, though....RPGs just aren't really his style, which is a bit of a shame....

Talking of Guild Wars, next week, when the parents are in Paris, we're going to install it on Thrawn, Dad's computer. That way, me AND Claire will be able to quest together, which will ROCK! There's about two or three quests that you need to have an ally to complete. It's clever, really. The game trys to make sure that you make some friends early on, so that in the later stages, you have someone to quest with. My old friend Peter plays Guild Wars, so I'll have to send him a message in a few days to find out what level he is and what is character is called.

Speaking of the next few days, I need a job. I'd really like to start work not this Monday, but the monday after. I don't think that ECS are going to employ me, as they haven't got back to me, and I really don't want to have to go to a whole lot of trouble getting a job. I wonder if you need a license to busk in the streets..... If I had two power sockets, I could set up with my guitar and sing to passers by. They would get an estoric mix of The Beatles and Pink Floyd, with the occasional other thrown in, e.g. Hello Mary Lou, or Stairway to Heaven. It wouldn't work, but it's an idea.

Anyway, I guess I ought to go to bed. I should be in bed my 1.00 am easily, which is quite good considering that I've been getting to bed at 2.00 for the last few nights, but it still isn't quite good enough. I shall do better!

Anyway, enough of my ranting and raving, I'm off to bed.