July 4th, 2005

Cos in Space

And the worms sank into his brain...

I won my freedom, yet lost myself. Tomorrow, I am going to have fun. I will log into Tibia and hunt, even if it's only rotworms. I'll stick some music on. In the afternoon, I'll wash my hair and have a bath. I'll then do something else. Maybe install some more stuff that I haven't got around to installing. Maybe The Sims, maybe Halo.

This is what I waited for for so long, so why aren't I enjoying it much? Why do I feel that I'm wasting each day, and that I should be doing something more important? I've spent so long with one fixed aim, to finish my exams, that my crisis is not "Why am I here?", but "Why am I still here?" I think I need some help.....

I haven't done my guitar workout for weeks. I've hardly touched my beloved instrument recently..... This makes me sad. :(

On a slightly better note, Live8 last night was brilliant. Paul rocked, but oh! Pink Floyd were divine.

I need some sleep. It's late, and I want to have a busy day tomorrow. I also want ECS to give me a job, thus solving all my problems with one fell swoop. I hope they do, but it looks less likely with every passing day. In other news, I renewed my library books. If I hadn't been reading Star By Star for so long tonight, I would be asleep now.

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