June 29th, 2005


And so it begins...

Hello there,

I finally have my laptop, as my exams are at last over. Her name is Cathryn, and she's amazing :D I'm currently sitting here listening to Genesis, and just enjoying it.... It's great to finally be able to listen to the music which I only have on hard drive over my speakers at last. The webcam I bought works fine, and I expect that I shall post some pictures before long.

---quite a while later---

Ah yes, I forgot about typing this, sorry...I was tidying up my stuff ^^. So then, check back every few days, and we'll see if I do ever update again, lol. My plan is to keep Cat on late into the evening, as all my good ideas occur to me while I'm having a wash, usually...Then I can come back in here and post them.

Let's hope it works.


P.S. Random Play sure throws up some random stuff, no?