April 24th, 2005


So many lost words....

I have plenty to say. But I have a slight problem. The time when my words spring into mind is usually when I'm having a wash, or in the bath. Or in bed. Times when I can't get access to a computer.

Ever since Drone (My PC) died, I've been pretty cut off from the net, all in all. I mean, yeah, I can use it, I get access on Paellion (did I spell that right?) and Thrawn, but only for short periods and at prescribed times. Usually bad times for me to be journalling... When I get my laptop, however (65 days!), I am predicting a huge rise in the number of journal entries I write. I look forward to it.

Unfortunately, I really ought to go and do my schoolbag, and do my guitar workout, and have a milkshake. Admittedly, the last two are no big deal, and I look forward to them both. The problem is, however, that I have to stop writing and log off.


Night night, and a Big HI to Incoherant Paulie and his little chums.

Bye bye,

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