December 18th, 2003


The Blurty Months...

And now, we have entries from Blury:

Check out the original, as there were comments! :)

P.S. 6FC = The Sixth Form Chronicals, which me and a friend did (very briefly). I made a mention of it in my diary, somewhere around the time that 6FC was launched ^^.


Actually, there's rather a few more entries on Blurty than I though, so I'll do them later :)

I'm Moving!

My friends, enemies, and other...

My diary/journal will be moving to

At some point, when I can be bothered, I'll move all my
entries from here to there. Don't worry, though, this site
will remain!

Thanks to all those who helped me with this diary, and made
life miserable for me...I mean better, really! Thank you
J&C for the "" feedback, lol.
Thanks to Chaz and Dave for all the support, and spam, that
that they're given to this. Stay in touch people, and
check out my Blurty journal! I can do updates with a
little program, instead of typing into a webform!
YAY!!! :D

Cya all around~

~Love and Peace

[Editors note: This one is from I made my first post on Blurty before I did this last MD one :)}