November 14th, 2003


A fun packed ICT lesson...

Well, here I am again.


The thoughts rush through my brain, pointing me to update.

Jaimin, sitting next to me, is listening to very loud
music. Matthew, on the other side, is busy typing. Jaimin
wonders off.

Matthew: Brian! Look what that stupid inbred excuse for a
printer has done!

To be honest, I don't really care...

Rachel wonders over. I sure hope she isn't going to start
nagging me about Kate's locker again! All I did was to
break in and leave a note...nothing that much... Oh, she's
gone. Good.

Sorry to Jaimin, I meant to mention him on my list of
friends, but somehow I forgot.... .

Oh, and fans of my diary of old might remember threatening me.... Well, that
was Jaimin and Chloe! D'oh, why didn't I guess...

About 20 mins ago, if you were sitting close to me, you'd
have heard me telling a story of my "love-life" to Jaim...
Yes, something really happened to me a few weeks ago...
You never know, I might just tell you all... By the way,
nothing came of it...

Quotes of the Day:
Matthew: "Don't try and be a great man, just be a man and
let history make it's own judgement."
Jaim: "I'm thinking of one..."
Jaim: "Don't read anything to deep into it."

Love & Peace

More soon!