November 13th, 2003


Back for Good or Bad...

Hello my friends! Hello indeed and welcome to another year
of madness! Yes, I am indeed starting my diary up AGAIN!
Can you cope with the sheer excitement? Let's find out,
shall we?

Hmm then, where to start?

For those of you who don't know, I'm at 6th form studying
Maths, Physics, Chemistry and ICT. Very Brian-ish
subjects, I'm sure you'll agree.

There are a whole bunch of weirdos at 6th form, including
me! Here's a quick run through of the important (and
possibly weird) people:
Ambrose - He's a car mad guy
Gary - He's nice
Jen - Keeps hugging people, not that that is a problem...
Matthew - my friend of old, totally nuts
Me - Insane...
Kate - seems to think I'm stalking her. I'm not! All I
did was break into her locker!
Chloe (New) - Hyper doesn't quite sum it up...

I think that's about it...

Well, ummm....ooops...

Sean - He's cool, and he likes my hair o.0
Someone - Still around
BingBong - Found out *at last*

Yeah...that's it I think.

So then, today started off with Maths with Mr S. Radians,
again. Very interesting stuff...
Then, it was time for Physics with Mr F. Something to do
with Thermal stuff, I dunno...
Chemistry, with a different Mr S. Always fun. I got to
write on the board! YAY!!!
Assembly - booooring....
And then, this free period which I am taking advantage of!
I gotta go now, but make sure you check back regularly.

And tell your friends:

Love & Peace,
Cosmic Flame
Eco Warrior ^^