September 12th, 2003


Who needs a title anyway? (6FC)

Hi there!
We're sitting in the school library at the moment,
thankfully it's now open again!

To start with, I, Cosmic Flame, am going to reply to our
first bit of feedback!

"From: darkangel10087
Timestamp: 2003-09-10 14:33:55 GMT

you have a wierd name....anyways what ur name all bout?"

Hello darkangel!

Evidently, you haven't read my old diary. In fact, you
probably don't know either of us. I am Cosmic Flame. That
is MY name. FlameBrand is the boy sitting next to me.
FlameBrand is HIS name. Yes? We just combined the names
to produce CosmicFlameBrand!


Right, as for today, it's been Bore-ing! Well, judging
from the amount of times I've been yawning, it has...

I'll update later...

Love from Cosmic Flame.

(And FlameBrand, who is being surprisingly silent!)