August 15th, 2003


The End Credits, I guess... (Part 1)

Well, you've waited long enough for this. I've got
nothing better to do than listen to (and sing along to)
Rick Wakeman songs, while waiting for my mana to charge up
enough in Tibia to cast another spel rune.

Well, what to say? How can I express what has happened
since the Leaver's Do all that time ago?

I don't know how to.

So instead, I will give you a summary of Important Things
which have happened to me since then...

Well, I did a week of work experience in a charity shop...
It was awful! Lots of heavy lifting, going back and
forth, bordom etc. Oh well... It was good experience, I
guess. I know now that I NEVER want to work in a shop.
Not that I did anyway...

Hmmm....well, after that I went on holiday. (listening to Aries now...) It was fun, beautiful view, great
scenery - I went to Skipton in North Yorkshire, if you
didn't know... Some priviledged friends received
postcards, didn't you?

Back from holiday, what happened then? Well, I bought my
first pair of jeans. Black, they didn't sell any with
flares though =(
Soon, I get a second pair - dark blue, hopefully with
flares =)

Also, I have repaired my model railway to the state of
operation. I'd be happy to show it to SOME of you if you
want. You know who you are; basically the ones who have
been 'round my house before. Not that you'd be interested

Hard to think what else has happened...

Let's go and look at my Tibian news, shall we?

Well, Will got onto Main, and Matthew has started playing
(at last!). I don't think many of you know Matthew, but
don't worry! He's comming to KES next year for 6th form,
so no doubt you'll meet him there.

And now I'm just trying to sell my BackPack of Sudden
Death runes in Tibia... Won't be a mo...

Actually, this could take a minute or two.

I promise that I will finish this entry later....