May 4th, 2003


HMM... (short for Heavy Magic Missile in Tibia...)

Just thought that I'd check my feedback, and I received

Timestamp: 2003-05-04 14:38:29 GMT

Dear Comic Flame (Comic because you make people laugh)
I was told on very good authority that your diary had been
updated, and so i rushed online at my first oportunity to
read it. What an exciting life you do lead Brian. And how
on earth do you manage to write in your diary and STILL
revise? Remember the evil exams are out to get you.
Someone x

See! There is now a timestamp in the corner! That
piece was posted today at 20 to 3. I missread the date, so
thought that Someone is able to get home in under 8
minutes! Alas, I was wrong...

A question to you, someone. In fact three:
1) Have you ever sent me feedback under another name?
2) Are you a teacher?
3) Do you like me? ;)

An update on life:
1) The girl who I *thought* fancied me doesn't! D'oh! My
mistake, interpreting things the wrong way!
2) I've had to undergo minor hair surgery. ;) I want to
point this out now: I haven't had a haircut! Ok? I have
had my hair trimmed at the front, and a bit taken of the
top. It is still as long as it was at the back and sides,
there's just less of it. Ok?
It looks good, though. Honestly!
3) Macguiver (sp?) and the Treasure of Atlantis was on
today! Did anyone see it? That film is just so darn
funny! I'm not sure wheather it's meant to be taken
seriously or not, though...
4) On MSN Today there was a thing about the questions that
men REALLY want to ask, but daren't. So I ask all my
(female) audience this:
"Why do you find it endearing when a guy's in love and
won't take no for an answer in the movies, but in real life
you call it stalking?"

Answers to my e-mail address, please, NOT as feedback, I
get to much of that. No! Wait, I get to many e-mails as
well! Just tell me at school please... ;)

Well, that's about it! I'd better be off!
I want to play Tibia!

Love y'all!
*Cosmic Flame*